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The key to remaining one of the leading nurseries in the country has been the commitment to their motto, namely “Quality, Reliability and Service, Consistently”.

Sutherland Seedlings, KZN

Ixopo (Forestry, Fruit Trees, Indigenous Plants, Vegetables)

Our office hours are 7am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

Telephone: +27 39 834 1953

Sutherland Farm
District Road D527(Off R612) Ixopo, 3276
GPS Co-ordinates :
South 30°09’ 08.70”
East 30°06’ 37.01”
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Sutherland Seedlings, Eastern Cape

East London (Avocado Nursery Only)

Our office hours are 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

Telephone: +27(0) 84 672 1623

Sunrise Farm
Kwelera, East London, Eastern Cape, 5259
GPS Co-ordinates :
South 32°54’ 52.02”
East 28°02’ 50.06”