If I order now, how long will it take for my order to be ready?

A. This depends on what is ordered and also the availability of seed. The tables below provide a guideline as to how long it takes the nursery to produce a saleable seedling. An order is confirmed by Sutherland Seedlings only when a signed confirmation of order form has been received.

Cabbage; Broccoli 6 7
Cauliflower; Kale 6 7
Brinjal; Tomato 7 9
Lettuce; Green Mielies 5 6
Spinach 6 8
Butternut; Squash 6 7
Capsicums (Chilli’s; Peppers) 8 12
Onion; Leeks 6 8


WATTLE 3.5 months 3.5 months 4 months
EUCALYPTUS SPECIES 3.5 months 3.5 months 4 months
PINUS ELLIOTTII & GREGGII 5 months 5 months 6 months
PINUS PATULA 7 months 7 months 8 months

What vegetables are suitable to plant now?

A. The planting season for vegetables varies depending on the climate in which you are situated. Some vegetables are frost sensitive, while others can withstand some degree of frost, but should be established before the first frost is expected. For a sowing guide, please register on our Resources Page and download the vegetable sowing guide.

When must payment be made?

A. For cash customers who do not have credit facilities, payment must be made by 12pm the day before delivery is scheduled. This allows sufficient time for the order to be prepared.

Where to do you deliver?

A. Sutherland Seedlings can deliver nationwide with our various transport options. There are weekly deliveries which cover Southerm KZN and the Eastern Cape, offering competitive rates due to the pooling of orders. For more information, contact Sutherland Seedlings on 039-8341953.

What is the minimum delivery quantity?

A. The minimum delivery quantity is 2000 seedlings or 10 fruit/indigenous trees. If you are needing smaller quantities, Sutherland Seedlings has several seedling retailers which sell smaller quantities.

How many seedlings should I plant per hectare?

A. Register on the Resources Page for access to various production guides which include plant population guides. Alternatively download the Sutherland Seedlings Pricelist which lists the recommended populations/ha of each variety. This pricelist can be found on the Resources Page.

What indigenous and fruit trees do you stock?

A. Sutherland Seedlings typically stocks a range of indigenous trees and fruit trees which include items such as oranges; lemons; naartjie’s; limes; apples; pears; plums; peaches; nectarines; apricots; olives; pomegranate; cherries and grapes. An updated plant availability list is available on the Resources Pagefor download.