Sutherland Seedlings KZN has partnered with Ellepot South Africa to supply the KZN market with ready-to-use Ellepots.


The production centre has a range of machinery to produce diameters from Ø15mm – Ø120mm
With such flexibility in the Ellepot size, the best fit for your plants is always available.


Ellepot Trays

A range of trays are available for Ellepots with diameters Ø15mm – Ø120mm. The range includes long life injection moulded trays, as well as thermoform and polystyrene tray options.
For more information on Ellepot Trays – please follow this link


Ellepot paper

Ellepot has a large range of papers that caters for any crop or enviroment.
For more information on the Ellepot Paper Range, please follow this link


Substrate Options

Ellepot South Africa has a range of substrate blends with various pH, EC, WHC and AFP characteristics. Most substrates are made up with various grades of coconut coir, peat, perlite and composted bark. For large orders, custom substrate blends can be provided


How to order?

Production Centre orders are placed with Ellepot South Africa

For information on the Ellepot System – please contact sales@ellepot.co.za / +27 66 481 6746

To place an Ellepot Pre-Made order – please contact orders@ellepot.co.za