Field Visits

Sutherland Seedlings sees itself as a key member in a farmer’s team, and the feedback received from customers helps direct the way the seedlings are grown.

Andre-VD-Walt-Sutherland-Seedlings-farmer-field-customer-feedbackAndre VD Walt with a uniform crop of Star 3301 cabbages.

George-Khumalo-Sutherland-Seedlings-farmer-field-customer-feedbackGeorge Khumalo with a successful crop of Star 9010 tomatoes.

Ryan-Talbot-Sutherland-Seedlings-farmer-field-customer-feedbackRyan Talbot and Tamara Sneyd in a field of Conquistador cabbages.

William-Anderson-Sutherland-Seedlings-farmer-field-customerWilliam Anderson with a 12 month old P.elliottii X P.caribaea tree.

Dean-Chooks-Sutherland-seedlings-kzn-midlands-nursery-seedlings-forestry-production-growing-farming-agriculture-trees-hybridsDean Wicks and Chooks Louwrens with a great crop of Green Coronet

Neil Mackenzie putting Optima to the test!

Darran Stone-Sutherland-seedlings-kzn-midlands-nursery-seedlings-forestry-production-growing-farming-agriculture-trees-hybridsDarran Stone and Shaun Biggs with a pasture established with kikuyu plugs