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Sutherland Seedlings expands its GxU clone range!


Sutherland Seedlings is excited to announce that it has two new E.grandis X E.urophylla (GxU) clones as part of its offering, namely GU400 and GU412. These two clones were developed by the NCT Clonal Development Program and have been tested across a wide range of trial sites, consistently featuring amongst the top performers at each site.

sutherland-seedlings-growth-shrubs-trees-sales“A key attribute of the NCT Clonal Development Program is that new clones must prove themselves adaptable across a wide range of sites before they are commercialized” says Managing Director, Shaun Biggs. It is however advisable to initially test the clones on smaller compartments and avoid frost prone sites. Both clones have improved Leptocybe invasa tolerance when compared to the GxU clones currently being deployed at Sutherland Seedlings, such as GU111. For more information on these clones and their availability, please contact a member of the Sutherland Seedlings management team.