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We take pleasure in welcoming you to our growing family. Below is some useful information on nursery procedures; vegetable and timber production and several industry links. If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the management team.

Sutherland Seedlings Documents

Customer Contacts Update   Download file
Sutherland Seedlings Credit Application   Download file


Sutherland Seedlings: Super Absorbents

Super Absorbent Download file



Vegetable Documents

We do deliver but we have a minimum delivery quantity of 2000 seedlings.

SSCC Vegetable Seedling Pricelist 2017 Download file
Field Crop Budget 2012/2013 Download file
Horticultural Crop Budget 2012/2013 Download file
Livestock Budget 2012/2013 Download file
Pasture Budget 2012/2013 Download file
Phytoplasma Report Download file
Vegetable Sowguide Download file
Transplanting tips Download file
Small Grower Cabbage fertilizer guide Download file
Nitrosol Fact File for vegetables Download file
Nitrosol Info for lettuce Download file
Companion planting in the garden Download file
Sutherland Seedlings Clubroot Guide Download file
Plant Aid Clubroot Guide Download file


Useful Vegetable Links

Starke Ayres vegetable seed
Sakata vegetable seed
Hygrotech vegetable seed

(includes production guidelines)
Afrigro vegetable seed
Hazera vegetable seed
Rijk-Zwaan vegetable seed
Alliance vegetable seed
Farmers Agricare agrochemicals
UAP agrochemicals
Yield agrochemicals
Film Flex tunnel equipment
Tunnelquip tunnel equipment
Intensive Agriculture South Africa
USA Greenhouse Management
Department of Agriculture vegetable guidelines


Tree Documents

Sutherland Seedlings Forestry Order Form 2017-2018 Download file
Sutherland Seedlings Tray Policy 2015 Download file
Which tray suits your forestry operation? Download file
Forestry Planting tips Download file
Holding Nursery information Download file
ICFR Hydrogel Guide Download file
Sutherland Seedlings Site-Species Guideline Download file
Sutherland Seedlings Superabsorbent guideline 2013/2014 Download file


Useful Forestry Links

Forestry South Africa
NCT Forestry Co-Op
Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR)
South African Institute of Forestry
SA Forestry Magazine
Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI)
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Windguru weather forecasts


Tree Documents

Indigenous & Fruit Tree Stocklist 2017 Download file
Planting Indigenous trees Download file