About Us

Sutherland Seedlings is a leading seedling producer in South Africa, producing in excess of 40 million seedlings per annum to growers in Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

new-2-sutherland-seedlings-grow-tunnels-supplySituated outside the small town of Ixopo in Southern KZN, Sutherland Seedlings was established by Dave Biggs in 1979. Having worked for Roode-Lyon Seed Company at the time, Dave was one of the first in South Africa to be introduced to the Speedling transplant system, whereby vegetable plants are grown in polystyrene containers. Dave jumped at the opportunity to start a seedling nursery, and so began an exciting journey in producing quality seedlings. Sutherland Seedlings rapidly grew into one of the largest private nurseries in the country and became renowned for the quality of our seedlings and our commitment to excellent customer service. In 2008, Dave’s son, Shaun Biggs took on the challenge of building on Sutherland’s past success, and the nursery continues to improve the way it operates.

The Team

The team at Sutherland Seedlings is the nursery’s key asset. With many staff working at the nursery in excess of twenty years, this pool of experience means that Sutherland is able to respond confidently to any challenges that may arise and maintain its goal of supplying quality seedlings consistently.

about1-sutherland-seedlings-grow-supplyRooted in Quality

How is Sutherland Seedlings different from other nurseries? After exhaustive trials, Sutherland Seedlings have developed their own uniquely blended growing media. The components of this pre-enriched blend are sourced from various countries and accurately blended using a mixer with heliocoidal blades. Other than accuracy, the main advantage of this mixer is that it is ‘softer’ on the growing medium thus maintaining the aeration status of the media. Together the components and mixing method allow for a better root system which is the foundation of a quality seedling.


A fleet of various sized trucks enable Sutherland Seedlings to deliver seedlings nationwide at competitive prices. All vehicles are monitored through satellite tracking.


sutherland-seedlings-plants-stockists-sales-baby-lettuce-farming-farmers-nursery-seeds-growth-growers-Research and Development

Continual improvement is always important to Sutherland Seedlings. The nursery regularly trials new media blends; pest controls and varieties. Coupled with research, Sutherland Seedlings has and continues to invest in cutting edge equipment and technologies.

Farmer-Day-2012Social Responsibility

Sutherland Seedlings believes it has a responsibility to the communities that surround the nursery, and contributes significantly to various food gardens; schools; hospitals and clinics.