Vegetable Seedlings

Sutherland Seedlings offers over 300 varieties of vegetable seedlings, grown according to a customer’s planting schedule. Tray options include the industry standard M200 plug, as well M128S and the Ellepot 128S tray. For information on vegetable varieties, please contact a member of the management team or your local seed representatives.

Vegetable Production Guidelines

For useful articles; production guidelines; crop budgets and more – please visit our Resources Page.

Lead Times

Please allow the following growing periods when placing an order. Sutherland Seedlings believes a seedling grown at a slower, steady pace produces a sturdier, healthier seedling. For this reason, orders need to be placed well in advance. A discounted ‘order price’ is offered to customers who confirm orders well in advance.

Cabbage; Broccoli 6 7
Cauliflower; Kale 6 7
Brinjal; Tomato 7 9
Lettuce; Green Mielies 5 6
Spinach 6 8
Butternut; Squash 6 7
Capsicums (Chilli’s; Peppers) 8 12
Onion; Leeks 6 8

Excess Seedlings

Sutherland Seedlings usually have a limited amount of excess seedlings available. For an availability list, please contact the sales staff early in the week to avoid disappointment.  They will also be able to provide our most up to date price list.  For more information regarding seedling varieties please visit our Resources Page.