Sutherland Seedlings invests in future!

Sutherland Seedlings invests in future!

Earlier this year Sutherland Seedlings embarked on a joint venture with Renen Renewable Energy Solutions with the aim to install a heating system that is off the grid for our new rooting greenhouse.

After considering several options, we decided on a 20Kw Ulma Wood Pellet Boiler that burns compressed pellets manufactured from waste pine sawdust. Two large 20,000 insulated tanks allow the system to bank heat during the day which is then drawn upon during the evening when most heating is required.

Although it is still early days, the initial results look great and the boiler is able to keep our floor temperatures at the optimum level, with minimal maintenance required.

The running costs of the heater are very affordable, well below what we would be paying using electricity.

Many thanks to the Renen team for their friendly, professional service – for more information on Renen Renewable Energy Solutions, visit