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Sutherland Seedlings takes BB-BEE Certification to new highs!

Sutherland Seedlings has subscribed to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) certification since July, 2008 and had previously attained a Level 6 recognition level. A concerted effort over the past year and half has resulted in Sutherland Seedlings proudly attaining a Level 2 recognition level.

Sutherland Seedlings is fully committed to playing its part in social development and assists various community gardens; school vegetable projects and greening initiatives in the surrounding communities. In addition to the above, the nursery has held several vegetable and forestry workshops in the past year to help develop their smaller growers into fully fledged commercial farmers.

The new BB-BEE certificate is available for download on the Quality Standards page.


Mr Ian Allwood discusses land preparation with delegates at the Sutherland Seedlings workshop earlier in the season.